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10 Ball Ladder Rules

Participating in the 10 Ball Ladder indicates acceptance of these rules. Management reserves the right to clarify or add rules and make exceptions it deems in the best interest of the Ladder.

1. Eligibility - Must live in Illinois within 25 miles of Rockford Billiard Cafe or an active member of our league system. It is not practical to challenge and defend your spot if you live too far away or do not frequent Rockford Billiard Cafe.

2. Challenger pays $25 for each challenge. $20 goes to the pot, $5 covers greens. It does not cost anything to defend your spot.

3. You can challenge anyone from 11-15. Once you get a spot from 11-15, you may challenge #10. From there on, you may challenge one spot up at a time as often as you like.

4. If challenged, you must arrange a mutually agreeable time to play within one week. If a time cannot be arranged within a week, you must play the following Sunday at 7PM.

5. If you are a no-show (over 15 minutes late by cell phone time with no call) for an arranged match, you automatically drop 3 spots.

6. Matches are race to 7, 10-ball, alternate break on big tables, (Not table 14, unless agreed upon by both players.) We are using the World Pool Billiard Association 10 Ball Rules, Rack your own.

7. #2-#10 must challenge the player above them once a month or player behind you may skip over you and challenge player ahead of you and you will be moved down.

8. One half hour of warm up/practice prior to a scheduled match is included in the greens fee on the match table.

9. Any matches may be recorded, streamed, or otherwise used by Rockford Billiard Cafe for promotional purposes.

Initial payout will occur when pot gets to $400. Subsequent payouts will happen after every 5th match according to current standings and percentages outlined in table below. Payouts will go into a bank, which will get paid out in May, September and January for any accumulated earnings through the end of the previous month.